Foothills Falcons Lacrosse

The Foothills Lacrosse Club, in Tucson, Arizona, welcomes players of all ages. We will start working with players as young as 3rd grade and then every class through high school. The club has players of all abilities from those who have just been introduced to the sport of lacrosse to skilled players who are a part of regional all star teams. We especially encourage those kids who are interested in lacrosse to come try the sport at the middle school (6th thru 8th grades) level or younger. Our middle school program is designed to teach kids how to play lacrosse. Like any sport, it is all about the proper fundamentals. Typically, it takes about one season of play to gain a level of competency with stick skills and game awareness that allow the player to fully enjoy all the game of lacrosse has to offer. The high school program also encourages new players as well as seasoned players. The high school is a competitive program and competes against the other high school programs in the state of Arizona.

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